Loving People


closer to Jesus

We believe that every person is a treasure to God and matters to us.

We believe that we were designed by God to live as a faith family together. 

We believe that growing deeper in Christ will allow us to honor God and live in the freedom of who He has made us to be. 

We believe that God has designed us to serve Him and to serve others.

We desire that each person develop a generous heart like God so that resources can be unleashed to grow God’s kingdom.  

We believe that integrity matters and that healthy leadership moves us forward in giving our best to God.  

We believe that God’s heart is for us to be lights in our world and share His hope everywhere with everyone.



Sound doctrine is critical because what you believe determines what you do. God has revealed truth about Himself so that we can be in relationship with Him. To pursue sound doctrine means to pursue the heart of Jesus.

What We Believe

Our Beliefs

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