Service Times 9 & 10:45 AM

“What once was a dream 10 years ago, God is making a reality.”

Dave Larson

Lead Pastor, New Life Christian Center

The HEART behind the campus.

See how the Patterson campus went from a dream (to love people one step closer to Jesus in the Patterson community) to a reality.

Patterson Campus FAQ’s:

Who will oversee the Patterson Campus?

– Back in the spring of 2017, New Life hired the Moore family from Racine, WI to come and launch the Patterson Campus. Jeremy and Janet, along with their four children, have been involved with ministry for nearly 13 years, and officially moved to Patterson back in April. They’re already heavily involved in the community and support it in many ways. For more information about Pastor Jeremy, visit our staff page.


Where is the Patterson Campus be located?

– The campus is located in Patterson High School. New Life has permission from the District and PHS to rent the auditorium, gymnasium, and five classrooms.


Will the Patterson Campus be just like the Turlock Campus? In other words, will it feel like New Life?

– The DNA of New Life will be the same no matter how many campuses we launch. It will certainly feel a little different because it’s a new campus in a different city with different faces. However, the overall vibe, how we communicate, our style of music, and of course ‘loving people one step closer to Jesus’ will never change. Remember, most of the Patterson Campus guests will have never attended a New Life service.


Will there be a Patterson Campus staff?

–  Our Campus Staff is hired and ready to go! We will launch with a Campus Pastor (Jeremy Moore), a Kids Director (Ana Kaiser), a Worship Arts Director (Freddy Wachter), and an Associate Pastor (Tito Valdespino).


Historically when churches launch external campuses, there are multiple ways to communicate the messages. Will the Patterson Campus be live, or video?

– Like the Turlock Campus, everything will be live including music, speaking, closing, prayer, etc. Occasionally, once a month, the communicator could be on video, or maybe one of our other teaching pastors will give the message. We have a lot of great talent on our staff, and we intend to use them. At New Life, we believe it’s more about the message than the messenger, whether it’s live or video.


Will the same ministries offered at the Turlock Campus be offered in Patterson?

– Yes…over time. Some ministries will not be offered in the beginning, but will later. Again, as the campus grows, and more volunteers and leaders organically rise to the surface, we can implement as many ministries as possible. A list of ministries, and where they will take place, will be published later.


How will the Patterson Campus be supported and resourced?

– Churches are 100% supported and resourced by its attendees. New Life relies on the generosity, and financial faithfulness, of individuals who consider us to be their faith family. The Patterson Campus is no exception. For the first 12 months, the Turlock Campus will come alongside the Patterson Campus financially and resourcefully to ensure its success. However, the goal is for the Patterson Campus to be completely self-sufficient before the 12 months expire.


How can I be a part of the Patterson Campus, and get involved now?

– The best and most important way to be a part of the campus is to get plugged in NOW! When the campus launches, we want our volunteers trained and ready to go. We need dozens of volunteers to make this happen, and we can’t do this without YOU! The teams for which we are mobilizing include Ushers, Greeters, Tech (Sound/Video), Café, Music, Set Up, Tear Down, Starting Point (Information Table), Safety, Medical, and lots and lots of Kids Team volunteers.


When I decide to attend a service, what can I expect?

When you walk onto any of our New Life campuses for the first time, you’re going to see friendly faces and smiles, clear directional signage to where you need to go, fresh coffee, competent and fun kids volunteers (if you have children), relevant and current music, a life-applicable message, a safe environment, and an atmosphere where people can make their journey, at their own pace, one step closer to Jesus.

*For more information about the Patterson Campus, or information about New Life in general, feel free to connect with Pastor Jeremy at jmoore(AT)