Dear New Life family,

I want to let you know what we are doing at New Life to help our community slow the spread of the coronavirus––and the fear that is associated with it. There’s a lot of info to cover in this update, but please read all of it so you have all the information.

First, as your pastor, I’m encouraging all of us to follow Hebrews 3:1 and “fix our thoughts on Jesus”. He is at work even in the middle of this. We don’t need to give in to fear or panic. Instead, look for God’s invitation to love, help, and lean in to Him.

In light of that… here are a few things for you.


After praying and seeking the Lord… we, along with other churches in our community and throughout this area, are suspending our live services for the next 2 weekends, March 14-15, and March 21-22. Instead of live services, we will be providing a new weekend message and service online.

In taking this step, we want to communicate that New Life is committed to the health and blessing of our entire community.

While we never want to respond to uncertainty with fear, we do want to be a church known for compassion and care. This is a Christ-honoring way to show that we love the most vulnerable in our community above ourselves. As we interact with several thousand people each weekend… we have a great responsibility.


I want you to know that Church is not cancelled. It’s just changed for right now.

For these next two weekends, let’s all continue to gather together in our homes participating in worship and teaching online. Think of it as New Life moving into a thousand homes! I encourage you to see this as a way to BE the church not just COME to church.

Our online services will be full of joy, hope, and community––what everyone needs in times of uncertainty. We are also going to make available other resources for you to deepen your walk with Christ… as well as unite your family together.

The link for the message and service will be on our website as well as Facebook, Instagram and our YouTube channel. They will be available starting Saturday night at 6pm.

Is this ideal? No. I can’t wait to get back to in-person, live services! But it will be exciting. Let’s get creative. Gather your family and make it a building time and a deepening time together.


If you are alone and need help, please contact our church office. You can email and we will find pastors or volunteers who are more than willing to help and pray. If you are wondering how you can help others, we will let you know where volunteers are needed as we get more information.

If you go to our New Life app, you can select the “CONNECT” tab and send us any prayer requests that you have. Please know that we will be praying for each request that comes in.

One of the other practical ways you can help is by remembering to support New Life financially during this time. Our staff is still working and the Missionaries and Ministries that we support are still serving. You can donate online at You can also contact our office (209-667-5433) if you would like to drop off your offering or mail it in.


I know God is going to work through this in ways we can’t even imagine now. Do you remember the need for hope and care during 9/11? Can you see how people may need hope and grace and security during this time? I believe God can use us right now to love people one step closer to Jesus. But there’s even more God wants to do…

• He will deepen your faith.

• He will deepen your family’s spiritual life as you worship together.

• He can use each of us to reach people who may never walk through the doors of a

church building.

As followers of Jesus… we have been called for “such a time as this.” Let’s be people of peace and people of prayer. Pray for the leadership of our city, county, state, and country. Pray for those who are seriously impacted by this virus. Pray that people all over the world will draw closer to God. Pray for the church, that we will be united around this, instead of divided by this.

Let me give you two verses from the Bible that I hold onto during uncertain times…

To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul. O my God, in you I trust… Psalms 25:1-2

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

Thanking God for each of you!

Pastor Dave