Last Sunday night, our Jr. High and High School worship teams came together and had a movie night. We had pizza, hung out a little bit, and watched “Hillsong: Let Hope Rise.” This film goes behind the scenes of one of the biggest worship bands today: Hillsong United. Along with writing songs such as, “Oceans” and “Mighty to Save,” this band’s perspective and attitude toward worship is one of the biggest reasons they have been so successful. They have clearly kept their eyes focused on the fact that worship isn’t about how we feel – it is about God. And as worship leaders, it is about helping people connect with the heart of God.

“Our job is, as quickly as possible, get the attention off of ourselves, and onto God.” -Hillsong United

“Our job is, as quickly as possible, get the attention off of ourselves, and onto God.” -Hillsong United

God has been doing some incredible things in our youth worship teams. There is so much talent and God-given gifts for music that we have at least three full bands. About 30 High School and Jr. Highers give their time on a consistent basis to serve and worship.

But along with talent, there is a certain amount of responsibility that comes along with leading in that kind of capacity. This movie gave these students and opportunity to go deeper into seeing why worship is so vital, and why it is important – as leaders – to have the right heart and attitude towards it.

After watching the “Hillsong: Let Hope Rise,” we sat around and talked about what we had just watched, and the students were struck by how humble the members of this successful band are, and how much they truly wanted to be worshippers, rather than musicians. As our youth worship teams continue to develop and lead their peers in worship, our hope is that these students would become worshippers themselves.

God is doing some awesome things in our Youth worship teams. Can’t wait to see what’s next.